Bedside Care Cut for Most Vulnerable

During the 2011 legislative session in Tallahassee, lawmakers reduced the minimum time caregivers spend at the bedside of nursing home residents by 18 minutes per day.

As a result, many nursing homes have already cut staffing to the new state minimum, which is below levels recommended by experts.

This roll back is dangerous and could mean delays in responding to resident falls, less time to treat bedsores, and other terrible outcomes that threaten the health and safety of Florida seniors and people living with a disability.

Every Minute Counts

To some, this reduction of time for bedside care might not sound like much, but for the 78-year-old resident with congestive heart failure who is recovering from a recent stroke, or the 83-year-old resident who falls by accident, every minute counts.

When it comes to your loved one in a nursing home, what does a minute mean to you?

We know that Every Minute Counts.

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