Reports on Safe Staffing in Nursing Homes & Hospitals

An Analysis of the Quality of Care in Consulate Health Care Facilities in Florida

By 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East | October 22, 2013

Consulate Health Care is a fast-growing, large nursing home chain with 151.7% increase in revenues since 2010iii. However, the data shows Consulate failed to comply with the state’s minimum staffing standards in 16% of its facilities for the first quarter of 2013. The use of antipsychotic medications at Consulate nursing homes was above average in all but one of the homes for the first quarter of 2013. These are serious issues that have an impact on the quality of life for nursing home residents that need immediate intervention. Read the full report.

Combined Impact of Staffing and Budget Cuts on Florida Skilled Nursing Facilities

By The Bonadio Group | 2012

Based on a careful assessment of skilled nursing facility cost reports we found that the skilled nursing facility industry in Florida was profitable before the combined staffing and Medicaid cuts. Additionally, the facilities remain profitable following the cuts. Although some facilities, particularly those with the highest dependence on Medicaid in the state, may have trouble affording the previous staffing minimums, the vast majority of homes should be able to provide a minimum of 2.9 hours of certified nursing assistant staffing per day and still operate profitably. Read the full report.

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